Irving S. Wright Awardees
Irving S. Wright Awardees

The Irving S. Wright Award of Distinction is named in honor of the founder of the American Federation for Aging Research and is intended to honor exceptional contributions to basic or clinical research in the field of aging by member of the scientific community. 


2019 Irving S. Wright Award of Distinction 



Pinchas (Hassy) Cohen, MD

University of Southern California



Past Wright Awardees



2018: David Sinclair, PhD

2017: Mark S. Lachs, MD, MPH

2016: S. Jay Olshansky, PhD

2015: Leonard Guarente, PhD

2014: Terrie Fox Wetle, MS, PhD

2013: Gary Ruvkun, PhD

2012: Jan Vijg, PhD

2011: Steven N. Austad, PhD

2010: Nir Barzilai, MD



2009: Woodring Wright, MD, PhD

2008: Arlan G. Richardson, PhD

2007: Richard A. Miller, MD, PhD

2006: Robert D. Terry, MD

2005: Linda P. Fried, MD, MPH

2004: John Trojanowski, MD, PhD
Roy Walford, MD

2002: Judith Campisi, PhD
Mary Tinetti, MD

2001: John Holloszy, MD

2000: Edward Lakatta, MD



1999: Caleb Finch, PhD

1998: Donald L. Price, MD

1997: Denham Harman, MD, PhD
Rajindar S. Sohal, PhD

1996: George M. Martin, MD

1995: Edward J. Masoro, PhD

1994: T. Franklin Williams, MD

1993: William Hazzard, MD

1992: John Rowe, MD

1991: John C. Beck, MD

1990: David H. Solomon, MD



1989: Vincent J. Cristofalo, PhD

1988: Lissy F. Jarvik, MD

1987: Irving S. Wright, MD

1986: James. E. Birren, PhD

1985: Reubin Andres, MD

1984: Leonard Hayflick, PhD

1983: Robert N. Butler, MD

1982: Nathan W. Shock, PhD



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