“My AFAR grant was instrumental in building my research career, and I am not alone. AFAR has built the pipeline of investigators leading labs at top institutions nationwide, where their research will help us all live healthier as we age.” - David Sinclair, Ph.D., 
2000 AFAR Research Grant for Junior Faculty and Current Board Member; Professor, Harvard University Medical School.

AFAR envisions a world where we live healthier as we grow older. We believe that investing in and advancing biomedical research on aging is the path to achieving this.


That’s why for 35 years, AFAR has supported over 4,000 investigators at more than 500 leading institutions nationwide through over $172 million in grant awards--all to advance research that will extend healthspan, the time we are in optimal health as we age.


Advancing Research and Fostering Leadership

No other organization has cultivated the research pipeline the way AFAR has.

Our Biology of Aging and Physician Training grant programs fund a broad range studies into the basic biology of aging and geroscience, which explores the relationship between the processes of aging and age-related diseases and conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, Cancer, Diabetes, Osteoporosis, and Parkinson’s disease.  

AFAR also has been instrumental in helping drive the TAME (Targeting Aging with Metformin) Trial, recently spotlighted in a National Geographic Channel special.

As a result, AFAR grants act as the catalyst to propel the careers of investigators who have gone on to be published and recognized in scholarly and popular media as well as receive major awards, including MacArthur Foundation Fellowships and major NIH grants.

“The AFAR support comes at a critical juncture in my career as we build momentum on projects involved in the fundamental biology of aging… In the current funding environment there is not ample funding for investigation of the basic biology of aging.”

- Alexander A. Soukas, Mass General
2014 AFAR Research Grants for Junior Faculty

Our rigorous review process insures that we find the best science nationwide: to date, AFAR has strengthened the field with over 4,000 investigators at leading institutions nationwide. In doing so, AFAR has established an active network of partnerships across the academic, philanthropic, and commercial sectors.

Furthering Dialogue and Educating Consumers

AFAR-sponsored conferences and publications create opportunities for scientists and clinicians from across the country and around the globe to exchange ideas, inspiring collaboration and new research avenues.

Our webinars and media briefings encourage dialogue around new scientific and medical findings and help keep healthy aging in the public eye.

Our educational resource, InfoAging, offers more than two dozen downloadable guides, edited by scientists and geriatricians, on topics ranging from theories of aging, to age-related conditions, and healthy liifestyle tips.