U.S. NAM Catalyst Award Competition - Frequently Asked Questions
U.S. NAM Catalyst Award Competition - Frequently Asked Questions




Eligibility and Application

Q. Is the applicant the investigator or the institution?
A. The applicant is a Principal Investigator who can be applying as an individual, on behalf of a team and/or for an institution.

Q. Are there any limitations on the number of applications from one organization or institution?
A. No, but PIs can only submit one application per year. However, a PI may serve as a co-investigator or collaborator on another application within the same annual cycle.

Q. Can I include references in my application? Will that count towards the page limit?
A. Applicants may include up to three key references to literature, theories, and/or evidence to suggest the proposed idea would be effective, to be counted towards the two-page limit (see the Formatting and Other Requirements section of the Application Instructions).

Q. Is this opportunity different from the NIA R03 RFA listed here? Can I submit an application to both of these opportunities?
A. Yes, the opportunity on AFAR’s webpage and the NIA R03 are two separate opportunities within the broader Healthy Longevity Global Competition. And yes, you can apply to both.

Q. The guidelines note organizations are limited to $10 million in revenue per year – does this refer to only for-profit organizations or all organizations that may be putting forward a request?
A. Just for-profit organizations.

Q. If an applicant is US-based (per the stated eligibility criteria), is it permissible to submit an idea that is intended for implementation outside of the US?
A. Yes.

Q. Are scientific proposals eligible?
A. Yes, scientific proposals are eligible for this award. The Catalyst Awards will be given for bold, new, potentially transformative ideas that promote healthy longevity.

Q. I have some ideas for my application but I would love to confirm which idea best aligns with what you are looking for. Can I speak to someone at AFAR to review these ideas prior to submitting my application?
A. Applicants should review the evaluation criteria and determine which project most closely aligns with the goals of the Catalyst Award.

Award Details

Q. Are there guidelines regarding intellectual property (IP)?
A. The NAM will not retain intellectual property (IP) rights of ideas presented in the Catalyst Award applications. The ownership of IP rights is a matter to be sorted out by the principal investigator (PI) and their affiliated institution, if applicable. Applicants are encouraged to consult intellectual property attorneys prior to entering the competition.

Q. What is the limit on indirect costs?
A. Successful Catalyst Award applicants will receive a $50,000 cash prize. Applicants are not required to submit a budget detailing direct versus indirect costs.

Q. We are applying as a team. Can AFAR divide the prize money amongst the team members?
A. The PI associated with the application will be responsible for how the prize money is used and, if applicable, divided among team members.

Q: If a successful application includes multiple investigators/collaborators, will all of these individuals receive invitations to the Innovator Summit in 2021?
A: There must be a single principal investigator (PI) associated with each application, but the PI may identify additional co-investigators or collaborators on the application form. The Catalyst Award includes travel expenses for the PI to attend the 2021 Innovator Summit in Washington, DC. Additional co-investigators or collaborators may request to attend the Innovator Summit, but their travel expenses will not be covered.

Potential applicants may submit questions about the U.S. NAM Catalyst Award process and/or application requirements to AFAR. Questions should be emailed to CatalystAward@afar.org. Please use the following subject line when submitting questions: “Q&A – NAM Catalyst Award Round 1.”