AFAR Reports
How to submit reports to AFAR

There are several different reports you may have to submit to AFAR over the duration of your grant. Here are guidelines for each.

Administrative Guidelines

Reporting Requirements

Investigators will be required to submit a brief narrative report(s) on the progress of their research as indicated in the individual award letter and agreement form. Final narrative and financial reports are required within three months following the end date of the award.

The narrative report should be at least 2- to 3-pages in length and include the following:

  • Grant recipient's name, year and name of award received (i.e. "Smith, John, 2009 AFAR Research Grant")
  • A paragraph summarizing progress to date in lay terms, for the general public's understanding.
  • A review of the specific aims/objectives of the research, the experiments performed, the results, pitfalls (if any). If the plan changed from the original research plan, provide a detailed description and rationale.
  • Describe career development activities accomplished or on-going (for Postdoctoral Fellows).
  • List of presentations and publications (including abstracts). Submit a copy (PDF) of each publication and abstract.
  • Overall impressions and comments, if any.
  • List any new funding and promotions received since the start of your AFAR Award.

Contact AFAR at (212) 703-9977 or with any questions. Reports should be submitted via email as Word or PDF attachments to

Instructions for submitting a financial report

A financial report is due 90 days after the end date. The report should show the approved budget in the first column, and the actual expenditures in the next column. The report must be signed by an institutional official. Unspent funds must be returned to AFAR.

Instructions for requesting a no-cost extension

Submit a request via email to explaining why more time is necessary to complete the project. If remaining funds will be used for anything other than what was requested in the original budget, a new budget must be provided with an explanation of changes.

AFAR allows a no-cost extension for up to one year. No more than one third of total award amount may be carried over to the no-cost extension. Unspent funds after the extension must be returned to AFAR.


Instructions for a rebudgeting request

Submit a request via email to explaining why you want to rebudget your award. Include a document that shows the current, approved budget in one column, and the proposed budget in the next column. You should also explain why you don't need the funds in a particular line item (for example: you are now able to share your equipment, or can hire staff at lower cost) and why you need to increase another line item(s.)


Instructions for transferring a grant to a new institution

Junior or mid-career faculty must provide a letter from the department chair of the new institution confirming the new position and that the AFAR-supported project can be continued at the institution.

When the chair's letter is received at AFAR (can be sent via email to, a new letter of award and agreement form will be issued to the new institution for signature by the PI and appropriate institutional official. A new award end date can be requested should additional time be required due to the moving of laboratories.

Final financial reporting will be requested by AFAR from the old institution, with any remaining funds returned to AFAR. At that time a new budget and budget justification must be submitted to AFAR indicating use of remaining funds. Once the funds are returned and all the paperwork from the new institution is completed, AFAR will send the unspent funds to the new institution.

For postdoctoral fellows it may not be possible to transfer the award since the project is so closely tied to the mentor. However, this would be determined on a case-by-case basis. A letter and biosketch from the new mentor must be provided, along with details of the new project. A committee will determine if the transfer can be approved.

AFAR funds cannot be moved to an institution that is not a not-for-profit, or not located in the United States.

Any questions should be directed to Hattie at AFAR, 212-703-9977,

Postdoctoral Fellows who are promoted to Junior Faculty

Congratulations! However, as the award is for postdoctoral fellows, it will likely be terminated. Any unspent funds must be returned to AFAR. Please contact Hattie to discuss, 212-703-9977.


New funding with Scientific and/or Budgetary Overlap

Congratulations on receiving additional funding! It may be possible to keep the AFAR-supported award, but in order to make that determination AFAR will need to receive the scientific aims for both the new funding and the AFAR-supported award.

Postdoctoral Fellows cannot hold a second fellowship.

We do not allow any budgetary overlap. Please submit a revised budget (see Instructions for a rebudgeting request, above).