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Mar 19

Webinar | "COVID-19: Can the Science of Aging Move Us Forward?" | Tues March 24 View MoreBACK


On Tuesday, March, 24, 2020, AFAR hosted a webinar, "COVID-19: Can the Science of Aging move us Forward?"


In a webinar designed for members of the scientific and aging community and health media, AFAR convened experts in immune health, geriatrics, and therapeutics to share their insights.


COVID-19: Can the Science of Aging move us Forward?

Tuesday, March 24, 2020 | 1PM EDT

Featuring Nir Barzilai, MD, Sean Leng, MD, PhD, George Kuchel, MD, and Joan Mannick, MD.


This webinar:

- Provided an epidemiological update on the Coronavirus in older adults and explained special health care considerations for older adults

- Connected how the biological processes of aging influence immune decline and risk of infections, and how the decline in immune function with age can be diminished through geroprotectors that target the biology of aging

- Presented the latest information on promising geroprotectors, including metformin and mTOR inhibitors.

A Q&A with the presenters followed.

Watch presentation clips on COVID-19 and Older Adults, Immune Health, Fraility, and the Promise of Geroprotectors HERE.


Download the presenter slides HERE.