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The Architects of Aging: 2016 Annual Report

Jun 15

The Architects of Aging: 2016 Annual Report View MoreBACK

The American Federation for Aging Research is pleased to release our 2016 annual report, themed “The Architects of Aging.”

The report highlights a range of drug interventions, led by AFAR board members and grantees, that are poised to move from the labs into our lives and build a new foundation for how we age.

First, in Building the Future, AFAR Board President and respected geriatrician Mark Lachs, MD, addresses how drug interventions will transform care for older Americans, and board member S. Jay Olshansky, PhD, frame how extending healthspan by targeting aging and age-related diseases together will have great personal and social benefits.

The report’s second feature story, The Geroscience Network: Laying the Foundation, highlights AFAR board members involvement in the Geroscience Network. As explained by board member and grantee James L. Kirkland, MD, PhD, the Geroscience Network is designing the strategic infrastructure needed to dramatically reduce the time and cost required to gain regulatory approval for drugs that treat fundamental aging processes.

Then, Senolytics: Targeting “Zombie” Cells, looks at 1990 AFAR Research Grant for Junior Faculty recipient, Judith Campisi, PhD and her work developing senolytics—drugs that target senescent or “zombie” cells.

Next, The TAME Trial: Ushering In A New Era Of Drug Interventions, takes a closer look at the AFAR-managed TAME trial, led by Deputy Scientific Director and multiple-grantee Nir Barzilai, MD, which could be one of the most important medical interventions in the modern era since antibiotics.

In Rapamycin: Realizing Its Full Potential, Scientific Director Steven N. Austad, PhD provides an overview of how AFAR-supported scientists are working to realize this drug’s potential to increase the number of healthy years in humans.

Lastly, From Resveratrol to NAD Boosters: Addressing the Hallmarks of Aging, spotlights NAD-booster molecules that addresses many aspects of aging to extend healthspan, as explained by board member and 2000 AFAR Research Grant for Junior Faculty recipient, David Sinclair, PhD.

Our 2016 annual report also spotlights the 2016 grantees and events, as well as a special tribute to the Centers of Excellence program that AFAR managed with comments by AFAR Medical Officer Richard Besdine, MD.

We dedicate this report to Paul Glenn, founder of the Glenn Foundation for Medical Research, for his dedication to advancing the field.

The report is available here.

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