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NIA website spotlights AFAR-managed Research Centers Collaborative Network (RCCN)

Dec 6

NIA website spotlights AFAR-managed Research Centers Collaborative Network (RCCN) View MoreBACK

On December 4, 2018, the National Institute on Aging (NIA) published a blog co-authored by the NIA’s Supervisory Medical Officer of the Division of Geriatrics and Clinical Gerontology Basil Eldadah, M.D. and Deputy Director of the Division of Behavioral and Social Research Dana Plude, Ph.D.  The post spotlights the National Institute on Aging’s Research Centers Collaborative Network (RCCN), which AFAR co-manages with Wake Forest School of Medicine. 

The blog post highlights the mission of the RCCN. “The RCCN embodies a team science approach based on the understanding that addressing the thorniest problems in aging research requires a merging of disciplines. While the easy problems and low-hanging fruit have been addressed by investigators working largely in their own disciplines, the more difficult problems will require investigators from different fields to learn one another’s languages and operate within new and unfamiliar shared spaces,” state Dr. Eldadah  and Dr. Plude in the blog post.

Read “A new NIA-funded resource synergizes efforts of aging research centers” here.  Learn more about the RCCN here.