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AFAR celebrates Women in Science + Tech: honors Katy Fike of Aging2.0 and Prachi Vakharia of WOMANIUM

Jun 4

AFAR celebrates Women in Science + Tech: honors Katy Fike of Aging2.0 and Prachi Vakharia of WOMANIUM View MoreBACK

On Wednesday, May, 2019, AFAR hosted a special awards dinner, Celebrating Women in Science + Tech, at Green Hills Country Club in Millbrae, CA.

AFAR honored Katy Fike, PhD, Co-Founder, AGING2.0 and Managing Director, Generator Ventures, and Prachi J. Vakharia, Founder, WOMANIUM.

AGING2.0 strives to accelerate innovation to address the biggest challenges and opportunities in aging. Aging2.0’s international, interdisciplinary and intergenerational community has grown to 40k+ innovators across 20+ countries. Generator Ventures is an investment platform focused exclusively at the intersection of aging, senior care & technology.

The WOMANIUM Foundation increases women in STEM+Entrepreneurship fields by providing girls with educational, experiential and professional opportunities directly in STEM+E. In 2017, WOMANIUM awarded 177 Scholarships to students in 42 countries. Additionally, Ms. Vakharia funded and founded WARPA (Women’s Advanced Research Projects Agency) in 2018 to develop and commercialize advanced innovations by Masters, PhD, and Postdoctoral students and researchers. WARPA projects span a range of age-related research and solutions, including computational neuroscience, neural development, neurodegeneration, Augmented AI for the elderly, accessible industrial design & engineering, assistive technologies, satellites and more.

Each received AFAR’s Icon of Aging Award, which recognizes individuals across the private and community sectors whose personal and professional contributions encourage growing older with vitality.

Learn more about the honorees in the dinner journal here.

Katy Fike received AFAR's Icon of Aging Award from Dr. Kelvin Davis, USC.

Prachi J. Vakharia received the Icon of Aging Award from Dr. Henri Jasper, The Buck Institute.


AFAR Deputy Scientific Director Nir Barzilai, MD shared updates on the TAME Trial.

AFAR Scientific Director Steve Austad, PhD served as Master of Ceremonies.


AFAR Executive Director Stephanie Lederman with our honorees, Katy Fike and Prachi J. Vakharia (left to right).

All photos: Michael Pegram for Orange Photography