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2018 Scientific Meetings

Jun 25

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From June 3–6, 2018, AFAR hosted its annual scientific meetings in Santa Barbara, California. Over 100 attendees--including AFAR grantees, senior leaders the field, and representatives from foundations--convened to hear about the most recent research from AFAR-supported investigators, and to share insights on emerging directions in the field. The meeting provided valuable opportunities for the attendees to learn from each other’s work and to engage in discussions and potential collaborations.

First, AFAR and The Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation co-hosted the New Investigators in Alzheimer’s Disease Grantee Meeting, which featured Data Blitz sessions from current and former grantees, networking events, and career-building talks on mentoring and future NIA funding opportunities.

Tony Wyss-Coray, PhD gives a presentation on “Blood as a Regulator of Brain Aging” during the New Investigators in Alzheimer’s Disease Grantee Meeting.

The joint Paul F. Glenn/AFAR Conference and the 31st annual AFAR Grantee conference took place next and included talks from AFAR grantees and leaders in the field.  Poster Sessions featuring research from AFAR grantees as well as Nathan Shock Centers of Excellence in the Biology of Aging Pilot Project awardees followed. The joint meeting ended with a dinner featuring keynote speaker Timothy Caulfield, LLM, FRSC, FCAHS who spoke on the topic of “Science in the age of celebrity” and discussed finding the right balance between realistic hope and unrealistic hype in promoting science and health.

AFAR Grantees and Nathan Shock Center Pilot Awardee shared their research in a Poster Session at the 31st Annual AFAR Grantee Conference.

2016 Glenn Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow Marissa Schafer, PhD of the Mayo Clinic shared her thoughts about the meeting: “The AFAR conference was an incredible experience. I was blown away by the science; it is always so exciting to see the new ideas on the horizon. It was also an excellent networking opportunity, and I was able to make some important connections that I am confident will lead to key collaborations.”

On diversity at the meeting, Nathan Shock Center Pilot Awardee Constanza Cortes, PhD of Duke University said: “This was one of the most inclusive, diverse meetings I have attended in a very long time. It is groups like yours that will help us change the status quo, and prove that fantastic scientists come in all colors and sizes. I hope going forward AFAR continues to lead the way with this message of diversity and inclusion”

Dena Dubal, MD, PhD (2015 AFAR Grantee, 1998 Glenn Scholar, 2009 Beeson Scholar) gives a presentation on “Dissecting Sex Differences in Aging and Neurodegenerative Disease” during the joint Paul F. Glenn/AFAR Conference and the 31st annual AFAR Grantee conference.

The Santa Barbara meetings concluded with the 9th annual Paul F. Glenn Workshop on the Biology of Aging where Glenn Center Directors discussed current center activities and new research avenues, as well as opportunities to collaborate among Glenn Centers and more broadly with researchers in the biology of aging community and in other disciplines. 

AFAR is grateful to The Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation and The Glenn Foundation for Medical Research for their support of these meetings.


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