In addition to our Biology of Aging grant programs, AFAR supports the career development and research of emerging leaders in academic medicine.
Beeson Meeting and Report
From November 9-12, AFAR hosted the 2016 Annual Meeting of the Paul B. Beeson Emerging Leaders Career Development Awards in Aging. Over 100 current and former Paul B. Beeson Scholars, mentors, and NIA sponsors from across the country convened in Itasca, Illinois to review research progress, encourage dissemination of research findings, and enhance scholarship and leadership.
Learn more about the meeting’s sessions here.
Read the 2016 Beeson Report featuring the 2014 scholars here.
MSTAR Students
AFAR congratulates recipients of the 2016 Medical Student Training in Aging Research (MSTAR) scholarships, which encourage medical students to consider a career in academic geriatrics by awarding short-term scholarships. Most students completed their MSTAR scholarships this past summer at training centers across the U.S.
View a full list of the 2016 MSTAR scholars here.
Read recent Diary of an MSTAR Student entries here.
Clarence Pearson Fellows
Now in its third cycle, the Clarence Pearson Fellowship in Global Health and Aging encourages graduate students across disciplines to apply aging research to their fields of interest. This semester, two fellowships are supporting public administration and community health education graduate students who are working with the Robert N. Bulter Columbia Aging Center on projects looking at economic and social planning for older adults. Learn about the work of former Board member Clarence Pearson, for whom this program is named, here.
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