Next Avenue Column
Next Avenue Column


AFAR has launched a new editorial partnership with the PBS website Next Avenue, public media’s first and only national journalism service for America’s booming 50+ population.

The monthly feature will spotlight both original columns by AFAR Scientific Director Steven N. Austad, Ph.D., as well as Ask the Expert interviews.

Read Dr. Austad's column -- "Studies Show It's Never Too Late to Improve Your Health" -- exploring research on lifestyle and drug interventions that can extend late-in-life health and featuring the research of AFAR experts Judy Campisi, Ph.D., Matt Kaeberlein, Ph.D., James Kirkland, M.D., Ph.D., and Tom Rando, M.D., Ph.D. here.

Read an Ask the Expert Interview with AFAR grantee Catherine Kaczorowski, Ph.D. -- "'Biomarkers of Resilience' May Protect Us from Alzheimer's" -- discussing Alzheimer's disease, cognitive resilience, and the path to translation in humans here.

Read Dr. Austad's column -- "It's Not Just What You Eat -- It's When You Eat" -- exploring the research of AFAR experts Dr. Valter Longo and Dr. Satchin Panda on caloric restriction, fasting-micking diets, and circadian rhythms here.

Read an Ask the Expert Interview with AFAR grantee Vera Gorbunova, Ph.D. -- "What Naked Mole Rats Tell Us About Cancer and Longevity" -- discussing aging, cancer, and comparative biology here.

Read Dr. Austad's column "What Can Dogs Teach Us About Aging Well?" focusing on the Dog Aging Project, a research study led by former AFAR grantees Matt Kaeberlein Ph.D. and Daniel Promislow Ph.D. here.

Read an Ask the Expert Interview with AFAR board member and grantee Tom Rando, M.D., Ph.D  -- "Young Blood for Aging Bodies?" -- discussing young blood, biomarkers, and aging here.

Read Dr. Austad’s debut column -- “The Low Cost, All-Natural Tool for Healthy Aging” -- exploring the molecular benefits of exercise here.

For more insights from AFAR experts, check out our archived Huffington Post columns by Scientific Director Steven Austad, Ph.D., and Medical Officer Richard W. Besdine, M.D., here.