According to the Centers for Disease Control, one in 12 Americans (25.8 million persons or 8.3 percent of the population) has diabetes.  It is more common in older adults, affecting one in four individuals (10.9 million persons or 26.9 percent of the population) over age 65. Older adults with diabetes are hospitalized two to three times more often than the general population and use primary care services two to three times more often than do non-diabetics. Among those 65 and over, diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death, but that fact somewhat understates the case, since it is a major contributor to heart disease, stroke, and kidney failure-other leading causes of death.
Fortunately,  diabetes can be treated effectively, allowing patients to lead long, full lives. Successful treatment requires close teamwork among the patient, doctors, caregivers, and other health professionals, with a focus on diet, exercise, and medications to achieve best control.

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