Breast Cancer Resources
Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Resources

Web Links to Information about Breast Cancer

General sites about breast cancer

National Cancer Institute's breast cancer page

U.S. National Library of Medicine's breast cancer page

American Cancer Society's breast cancer page

Layperson oriented site from the National Breast Cancer Foundation, featuring news articles, links, and support and treatment resources

The Home Page for the Y-Me National Breast Cancer Organization, a support and information group

The Home Page for one of the nation's leading advocacy/fundraising organizations in breast cancer

Breast cancer sites of interest to professionals

The University of Pennsylvania's Oncolink resource 

Website at Doctor's Guide, resource with numerous breast cancer-related articles and multiple links to other sources

Home Page of the Professionals' section of the Cancer Information Network, containing practice guidelines, full text articles from Oncology 

Homepage of the Cancer and Aging Research Group, whose mission is to "...join geriatric oncology researchers in a collaborative effort of designing and implementing clinical trials to improve the care of older adults with cancer."