Caloric Restriction
Caloric Restriction

Caloric Restriction


Can Cutting Calories Increase Longevity?

Although humans have enjoyed a remarkable increase in lifespan over the past century, we understand very  little about the aging process itself. Many of the gains we made in longevity were due to the discovery of antibiotics and the elimination of a number of infectious diseases, especially those occurring in childhood. Now, however, the picture is changing—we’re beginning to understand more clearly what we mean when we talk about the “biology of aging.”


As a result, scientists are uncovering countless clues about how to extend a laboratory animal’s lifespan, either by dietary or genetic manipulation. This manipulation allows animals to live long, vital lives into advanced old age. If human aging could be slowed with a pill to the extent now possible in a mouse, the effects on health and life expectancy would exceed that of abolishing cancer, cardiovascular disease, and adult onset diabetes combined. Aging research has the potential to significantly reduce the suffering of humankind in addition to extending our lifespan.

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