Biomarkers of Aging Resources
Biomarkers of Aging

Biomarkers of Aging Resources

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International Longevity Center
This website has a report called "Biomarkers of Aging: From Primitive Organisms to Man," from a workshop on biomarkers held in October 2000.

SAGE Crossroads
Transcript of a broadcast debate: Biomarkers of Aging: Do They Hold the Key in the Search for the Fountain of Youth?
Transcript and Podcast of Biomarkers of Aging: The Key to Advancing Longevity Science?

National Institute on Aging
Physiologic Clues to Biological Age

Science of Aging Knowledge Environment (SAGE KE)

This archived website has several articles related to Biomarkers: 

  • • Will We Find Biomarkers of Aging? by R. John Davenport, posted June 2005.
  • • The Search for Biomarkers of Aging: Next Stop INK4a/ARF Locus, by Goberdhan P. Dimri, posted November 2004.
  • • Monkey in the Middle: Primate Data Connects Calorie Restriction to Humans, by Bijal P. Trivedi, posted August 2002.
  • • Biomarkers of Aging, by Dr. Richard Miller, posted October 2001.