New Briefs and Toolkit help Reframe how we Communicate about Aging
New Briefs and Toolkit help Reframe how we Communicate about Aging

New Briefs and Toolkit help Reframe how we Communicate about Aging

Americans are leading longer and healthier lives, yet our culture perpetuates ageism, which limits older Americans potential and contributions to society.

To help any advocate seeking to address ageism, AFAR has helped develop a series of reports and tools, created in collaboration with seven of the nation’s leading aging-focused organizations—AARP, the American Geriatrics Society, the American Society on Aging, The Gerontological Society of America, Grantmakers in Aging, the National Council on Aging, and the National Hispanic Council on Aging—with the award-winning social research firm, FrameWorks Institute.

As Leaders of Aging Organizations, the group offers 4 valuable resources for critical reflection and proactive messaging to reframe aging:

1. First, the differences between expert and public understanding of aging in America today: are presented and analyzed in the report, Gauging Aging: Mapping the Gaps between Expert and Public Understanding of Aging in America.
2. Second, to reenvision the frameworks around which we think and talk about aging need to be reshaped, the group offers the report, Finding the Frame: An Empirical Approach to Reframing Aging and Ageism.
3. Based on this report, the Framing Strategies to Advance Aging and Address Ageism as Policy Issues Brief entails the patterns in public thinking limiting the policy climate, the priorities for building public understanding, and specific communications techniques that have been proven to expand people’s thinking about aging and aging policies.
4. From this research, the Gaining Momentum Toolkit provides hands-on tools to help advocates drive a more productive narrative about how to capture the benefits of an increase in the average lifespan. This toolkit includes: a quick start guide; visualizations of research findings, public thinking, and communications cues; interactive exercise to apply frames in your communications; sample social Media content; and more.

This major new body of framing research offers important guidance for communicating about the issues facing older people, including ageism.