2019 AFAR Grantee Conference

Jun 3

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Santa Barbara, California

From June 3–5, 2019, AFAR hosted its annual grantee conference in Santa Barbara, California. Over 80 attendees--including AFAR grantees, Nathan Shock Centers pilot grant awardees, senior leaders in the field, and representatives from foundations--convened to hear about the most recent research, and to share insights on emerging directions in the field. The meeting provided valuable opportunities for the attendees to learn from each other’s work and to engage in discussions and potential collaborations.
First, a series of talks started the grantee conference, which included several AFAR former grantees such as Judith Campisi (Buck Institute), Nathan LeBrasseur (Mayo Clinic), Coleen Murphy (Princeton University), and Thomas Rando (Stanford University School of Medicine) as well as President and CEO of the Buck Institute Eric Verdin.

AFAR's Scientific Director Steven Austad, PhD gives opening remarks at the beginning of the 32nd Annual AFAR Grantee Conference.

The next day, the grantee conference and the Glenn Workshop were held jointly discussing progress in the field of aging research, key challenges and the broader implications of the research that is supported. These sessions featured talks from AFAR former grantees and experts in the field including Pinchas Cohen (University of Southern California), Caleb Finch (University of Southern California), Charlotte Peterson (University of Kentucky), and Vittorio Sebastiano (Stanford University).

Charlotte Peterson, PhD gives a presentation on "Satellite Cells and Skeletal Muscle Aging and Adaptation" during the joint Paul F. Glenn/AFAR Conference and the 32nd annual AFAR Grantee conference.

A Poster Session followed, featuring research from AFAR grantees as well as Nathan Shock Centers of Excellence in the Basic Biology of Aging Pilot Project awardees. The meeting ended with a dinner featuring keynote speaker Sean Carroll (Caltech) who spoke on the topic of “The Arrow of Time and the Meaning of Life.”

AFAR Grantees and Nathan Shock Center Pilot Awardees shared their research in a Poster Session at the 32nd Annual AFAR Grantee Conference.

Throughout the meeting, attendees had the opportunity to network and share their research. Discussions with established experts and leaders often lend new insights, as Nathan Shock Center pilot grantee Melissa Harris notes: “A conversation with Stephanie Lederman, AFAR’s Executive Director, reminded me that my research studying gray hair affords me a unique opportunity to reach people at the level of their daily lives and is an ideal opportunity to help people literally ‘see’ how biology of aging research can impact human lives in a relatable way.”

Judith Campisi, PhD (1990 AFAR Grantee) gives a presentation on "Cellular Senescence and Aging: Tracking the Kaleidoscope" during the 32nd Annual AFAR Grantee Conference.

AFAR is grateful to The Glenn Foundation for Medical Research for their support of these meetings.



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