Einstein Nathan Shock Center
Einstein Nathan Shock Center

Einstein Nathan Shock Center Call for Applications 2017 – 2018 Pilot Project Awards

The Einstein Nathan Shock Center is soliciting applications to support the research of junior investigators developing R01 applications and senior investigators developing new applications to the NIH with relevance to the Biology of Aging.

The projects should utilize one or more of the 3 Cores of the Center. List of services of each Core can be found at www.einstein.yu.edu/centers/aging/core-facilities/.

• Proteostasis of Aging Core (AM Cuervo). Provides E-NSC investigators with tools, assays and expertise for the analysis of changes in cellular protein homeostasis that occur with age and in age-related diseases.

• Chronobiosis, Energetics/Metabolism of Aging Core (N Barzilai/D Huffman). Provide sophisticated integrative studies for determination of ‘healthy aging’ physiology and now provides resources for chronobiosis studies.

• Advanced Genomics of Aging Core (J Vijg). Services for planning and executing epi/genomics analyses, in particular, of single cell or few cells to address s important problems in biology of aging research.


Applications must include:

• The hypothesis and specific aims of your project (1 page)

• The specific Einstein Nathan Shock services that are requested (list of services for each lab is in the web)

• The number of samples that are requested, including sample size consideration. (No budget is required).

• A one (1) paragraph statement on how this research will impact your 
future directions in aging research.

• Current NIH Biosketch, (including personal statement and other support). 

• Applications from institutions outside of Einstein are strongly encouraged.

Award Period: The awards are for 1 year and will pay directly to the Cores for specific services (no budget is provided for PI’s labs).

Award Date: September 15, 2017


All Applications Due: August 15, 2017


Application Submission 


Submit via email in a single PDF document to:
Kathy Paulus
Einstein Nathan Shock Aging Center
Belfer 701