Press Info
Press Info

Frequently, AFAR experts not only publish their research in respected journals such as Aging, JAMA Journal, and Science, but also lend insights to features in popular media, from Discover to The New York Times, Health Day to The Wall Street Journal, and from CBS News to National Geographic Channel.

In print and on air, AFAR experts are available to speak on a range of aging-related topics including:

• Alzheimer’s and Dementia
• Basic Biology of Aging
• Breakthroughs poised for translation
• Economic Impact or the Longevity Dividend
• Elder Care and Exploitation
• Geroscience
• Healthspan
• History of the field
• Longevity
• Science of Nutrition and Fitness
• And more!

To arrange to speak with an AFAR expert, please contact John Chaich, Director of Communications at