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Dec 21
11:49 am

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The generosity and commitment of individual, corporate, and foundation donors fuels AFAR’s mission. As we enter a new year, we are proud to introduce you to some of the individuals whose gifts are helping advance the research that is helping us all live healthier, longer.

Dwight Edwards is an Information Systems Architect at Bloomberg LP. Through Bloomberg’s philanthropic program, Dwight has given over $5000 to AFAR in 2014 and 2015 and even has helped support an MSTAR scholarship. 

Read about how AFAR inspires his giving in this Donor Spotlight Interview below.

AFAR Donor, Dwight Edwards

Tell us more about your company’s matching program.

Bloomberg offers a high impact philanthropy and engagement program, where employees talent and expertise is harnessed in strengthening communities globally. "Giving back is in our blood" is just one of our many themes, as the company encourages employees to support projects targeting education, helping neighbors in need, sustainability and the environment. Participation in these projects earn "Dollars for your hours" (DFYH). Accumulation of a minimum of 25 hours provides the opportunity to select a charitable organization to receive a Bloomberg gift of $2500. 50 hours allows for $5000, which can be split between two organizations.

What inspired you to choose AFAR? How do you hope your gift will support AFAR’s work or mission?

I strongly believe that AFAR is engaged in a critical mission: supporting research in healthier aging. I was particularly touched by a recent conversation with a researcher in the Alzheimer space, conveying the impact of the disease and his exploration approach. I believe most people welcome the idea of living longer, but I also think that there's no benefit in living longer without quality of life or health. I hope this gift will help AFAR advance their core mission and support new areas of research.

What do you personally find interesting about aging research?

I am fortunate to have known both grand and great-grand mothers who lived long, healthy lives. I noticed that they both led active lifestyles and ate non-processed foods. Even if not necessarily intentional, these choices seemed to have helped them live healthier, longer. I’m also interested in how one’s physical and mental state evolve through the years, especially as it relates to muscle and brain quality.

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