AFAR believes that the field of aging research is best served through the efforts of many. Below is a list of companies, foundations, and organizations that are contributing to the greater knowledge of the field.


GE Healthcare:
Metlife Foundation:
Pfizer Public Health Group Medical & Academic Partnerships:



Atlantic Philanthropies:
The Brookdale Foundation:
The Commonwealth Fund:
The Ellison Medical Foundation:
The Glenn Foundation for Medical Research:
The John A. Hartford Foundation:
The Lustgarten Foundation:
The Starr Foundation:



Alliance for Aging Research:
American Aging Association (AGE):
American Geriatrics Society:
American Medical Students Association:
American Pharmaceutical Association:
American Society on Aging:
Beeson Program:
Coins for Alzheimer's Research Trust (CART):
Grantmakers in Aging:
Health Research Alliance:
International Bone and Mineral Society:
International Longevity Center:
The Gerontological Economic Research Organization:
The Gerontological Society of America:
The Institute for the Study of Aging:
Thou Shalt Honor:
National Council on Aging:
National Institute on Aging:
National Medical Fellowships:
Public Health Online:
Research Into Ageing:
Society of Geriatric Cardiology:


The Archon Genomics X PRIZE presented by Medco® will award $10 million to the first team to rapidly, accurately and economically sequence 100 whole human genomes to a level of accuracy never before achieved.

The 100 human genomes to be sequenced in this competition will be donated by 100 centenarians from all over the world, known as the Medco 100 Over 100. Sequencing the genomes of the Medco 100 Over 100 presents an unprecedented opportunity to identify those "rare genes" that protect against diseases, while giving researchers valuable clues to health and longevity.

Click here to learn more about the prize.


AFAR is proud to partner with the Alliance for Aging Research on The Healthspan Campaign. By better understanding aging—the single risk factor common to nearly every disease—scientists could usher in a new era of preventative medicine.  But there is a significant gap between promising basic research in aging and its clinical application. The Healthspan Campaign was launched to help close the gap and advocate for research into the basic biology of aging. Read more about The Healthspan Campaign here.