Annual Report + Financials
Annual Report + Financials

AFAR 2013 Annual Report

The American Federation for Aging Research is pleased to release our 2013 annual report, Aging &:  The Promise of Geroscience.  Inspired by the emerging shift toward the interdisciplinary research known as geroscience that aims to understand the relationship between aging and age-related disease, this year’s report features AFAR-affiliated experts exploring Aging & Alzheimer’s, Aging & Cancer, and Aging & Diabetes.

Highlights from the report include:

AFAR Beeson Scholars Randall Bateman, MD, and Edward Koo, MD, investigate the relationship between aging and Alzheimer’s disease by looking at how age of diagnosis impacts our advanced understanding of the disease.

AFAR Grantee Judith Campisi, PhD and AFAR President Harvey Jay Cohen, MD, explore the mutual benefits for aging and cancer research when studied together. 

Former AFAR board member, Jesse Roth, MD, FACP, and AFAR Beeson Scholar Nicolas Musi, MD, discuss the intertwined relationship between aging and diabetes. As Dr. Musi states, ““If we can understand what causes diabetes at a molecular level, it will help us better understand some of the processes of aging….And if we could slow down the aging process in human beings, that would lead to some degree of prevention or reversal of diabetes."

Looking ahead, AFAR Scientific Director, Steven Austad, PhD and Medical Director Richard Besdine, MD remind researchers and clinicians can “mind the gap” by working together to translate research developments into clinical improvements in diagnosis and treatment.

The report concludes with a message of gratitude to all of AFAR’s 2013 supporters and highlights opportunities to support AFAR’s programs and mission.

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Enhanced Content

For more on the promise of geroscience, check out these interviews and articles featuring top AFAR-affiliated researchers.

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Public Policy & Aging Report: The Longevity Dividend: Geroscience Meets Geropolitics  - featuring the article “Geroscience Offers a New Model for Investigating the Links Between Aging Biology and Susceptibility to Aging-Related Chronic Diseases” by AFAR Grantee Felipe Sierra, PhD, on page 7.
Interview with AFAR President Harvey Jay Cohen, MD, on the benefits afforded by investigating cancer and aging research simultaneously, featured in the March 2014 issue of International Innovation journal.